BLACK NDNs. "If you know I have a history, you will respect me."


Andrew K.T.H. Lyn, Art Designer
Nation(s):  Blackfeet/Seminole/Carib
Drew was born in Philadelphia.  He has been dancing since he was three years old.  He started out with northern traditional dancing and then started grass dancing when he was 7. 
DREW is also an artist and owns & operates Xkloosiv clothing company.  He hand paints tee shirts, jeans, hats, shoes and other accessories.  Drew has also been chosen to be head man dancer for various powwows.  He is a chicken dancer and has won many 1st place awards for his dancing.  He is the youth coordinator for NNDT and continues to compete all over the country.
Drew is a brown belt in Shotokan & Ju-jitsu.  He has been studying martial arts with his father Andrew Lyn, who is the founder of the Ju-jitsu Shotokan Karate Association and his mother Vaughnda Hilton, who is a third degree black belt.  Andrew has been training in the martial arts since he could walk.
Andrew has incredible talent in grass dancing and also chicken dancing and hope that he can continue to pursue dancing on a competitive level.  Drew loves to compete and has fun.  He says “it is all for the thrill and I get to work out and keep the traditions going at the same time.  Everybody in my family is active, competitive and still dances, so I will dance as long as I can just like my family.”

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